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Useful Tips for your Umrah Trip

The Arabic word ‘Umrah’ actually means to go to a populous place. Islamically, Umrah is a smaller form of Hajj, an act of worship which an incredible number of Muslims do by going to Makkah and executing the Umrah rituals as done by our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Umrah is a non-obligatory kind of worship which can be conducted whenever you want except for the days of Hajj. Though when you book the Umrah package with a tour operator, your tour guide will assist you, the following are a few tips that will further help you in improving your Umrah experience.

  • Build up your stamina

 Umrah needs a wide range of physical exertion; therefore, it may be taxing on your body because of the amount of walking you’ll be carrying out. (Strap on your Fitbit, this is likely to be worthwhile). In Makkah, you’ll be strolling from your particular hotels to Masjidil Haram (Holy Mosque) for each and every Fardhu (prayer), strolling as you do your tawaf, walking when you do our sa’i (ritual walking), once you get around the right path inside the Masjidil Haram and obviously, walking again if you are searching for gifts ?

  • Get the proper vaccines

One of many key arrangements before executing your Umrah is receiving vaccinations. With a large number of about 2 million Muslims in the Holy Land annually, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health keeps a close watch on health needs to avoid contagious illnesses. Some vaccinations are made necessary prior to one’s being able to perform the Umrah, including that towards meningococcal disease while others, though not obligatory, are highly recommended. (And no, the BCG that you took during primary school will not count?)

  • Dress according to the weather.

Take note of precisely when you’ll be departing for your Umrah trip. Outfit lightly if you’re heading through the “summer” season and dress more substantial for the “winter” season. The temperature in summer (May-Oct) ranges from 28-45 degrees Celsius, while the temperature in winter (Dec-Feb) ranges from 17-33 degrees Celsius. You can even find various kinds of clothes for these two seasons, so do look around for the appropriate ones.

 Spend money on good comfy sneakers. It’s not recommended purchasing a brand new footwear as it demands time for it to be worn in. Unless you have appropriate shoes, buy a pair well ahead of time and wear those shoes while jogging or exercising so that you can accustom yourself to it.

  • Get ready for the spiritual experience.

Get yourself ready for Umrah is religious knowledge about a period of self-reflection and a lesson in piety and being humble.

Even before Umrah, you may desire to solve any existing clashes and distinctions between you and others, seeking forgiveness from them so that you can go on your trip with a happy and tranquil heart. You’ll be pleased to understand that seeking forgiveness is not just a “hair raya trend”?

Bear in mind that your main purpose (nope, not do the shopping) of going on this trip is to perform the Umrah, solely for the pleasure of Allah and in accordance with the Prophet’s traditions.